Yang Yo Seob and His New Hairstyle

2011-09-25 17:53:03 2011-09-25 10:53:04

Male Idol group, Beast’s Yang Yo Seob unveiled a photo of his new hairstyle.

On September 25, he uploaded his status, “Yang-Bucket, What do you think?” along with his photo of himself with a new haircut styled as a bucket.

In the photo, it looks like as if he had his hair cut with the help of a ruler. It seems like he has a bucket on his head and he is staring at the camera with a cute expression.

Seeing that his photo was a success at gaining positive reactions, he said,” I am happy for gaining lots of good reactions. One more and I like the position of my pimple! I am calling it a fashion pimple (only a thought of mine).”

Netizens, who have seen these photos, have said that the bucket-hairstyle suits him well, he is the king of fashion- even the hair and the pimple and other have said that he is cute no matter what he does.