4Men’s Shin Yong Jae Proudly Shows off His KBS "Immortal Song 2" Trophy

2011-09-26 14:58:03 2011-09-26 07:58:04

4Men‘s maknae vocalist Shin Yong Jae has won over 13 fellow female and male vocalists on the Sept. 24 episode of KBS‘s “Immortal Song 2.

To celebrate his glorious win, the singer uploaded a proud photo of him and his trophy through his Twitter. “I’ll work even harder. Thank you so much for the support.” 

With one hand tightly clutching his trophy and the other hand posing with a thumbs up, Shin Yong Jae gives a bashful but proud smile for the camera, showing off his handsome looks.

Shin Yong Jae had sung “Forgotten Season” on the “immortal Song 2 – 7080 Big Match,” beating out Im Tae Kyung, Joo Hee, and Lee Suk Hoon, before finally winning over first round winner Lee Haeri. Starting from October 1, he’ll become a fixed member of the cast, which means more beautiful music for us to listen to!

Netizens commented, “He’s so adorable when he smiles,” “Congratulations on your win,” and “Hope to hear more from you.”