A Pink Visits Rain at "The Best Show 2011"

2011-09-26 04:17:00 2011-09-25 21:17:01

Girl group A Pink has viewed Rain’s concert and has a photo to prove it.

On September 23, A Pink watched Rain’s solo concert “Rain The Best Show 2011” that was held at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, then visited his waiting room to get a photo together as a keepsake.

A Pink said they took to photo because they won’t be able to see Rain anymore after he enters the army on October 11. Rain, in response, was thankful for the attention and support of his juniors so complied naturally with their wishes.

After viewing Rain’s concert, A Pink revealed, “We were moved by Rain sunbae’s passionate stage. Not only the singing, but the performance was good as well.  We also want to become a recognized singer like Rain by trying really hard.”

A Pink’s Chorong was especially touched continuously throughout the concert, as she is an avid fan of Rain.

An associate of A Pink passed on, “The members all liked Rain so much, so they went to go see it. After the concert, they dropped by at Rain’s waiting room and he welcomed them so much that they had a good time as well. They will try hard to learn performing know-hows by watching not only Rain’s concert, but other seniors’ concerts as well.”

A Pink is set to make their comeback sometime in October, and is currently boosting their efforts for preparations of their new album.