Brown Eyed Girls Happy to Be Called "Adult-Dols"

2011-09-26 12:29:27 2011-09-26 05:29:28

Brown Eyed Girls have once again stunned the industry with their shocking performances of “Sixth Sense” last week. With their new track “Sixth Sense,” Brown Eyed Girls exuded a strange kind of power that could not be compared to your average group. This is because of the “Adult-Dol” image, meaning “mature idols,” Brown Eyed Girls aimed to achieve with this album. They are also aiming to be the “2nd Big Mama.”

Brown Eyed Girls showed a strong attachment to the label “Adult-Dol” during their interview with Sports Seoul. Member Narsha had gone so far to call it “a nickname that increased the area of Brown Eyed Girls. Even if we present a rather mature kind of performance, a lot of people seem to understand. Since many of the limits that restricted our activities have been lifted, we can now try various kinds of things.”

The nickname “Adult-Dol” was given at an agricultural life experience program based around girl group members. Being older than most of the idols co-starring on the show such as Goo Hara, Yuri, and Sunny, Narsha went through with the program by being brash and also painfully honest. The nickname “Adult-Dol” stuck when she showed bold actions such as putting an apple in her bra and making a sexy expression.

Ga In said, “I am thankful for the ‘Adult-Dol’ image. That demolished something. Due to this, we were able to naturally take off the restraints of idols. Instead of gaining something negative, we gained a lot more positives instead.”

Because of this, Brown Eyed Girls are confident in the areas of expressing social problems as well as emphasizing sexuality. In the music video of “Sixth Sense”, which approximately took over $400 thousand to make, scenes feature a faceoff with police force as well as a fight with water cannons. Narsha, representing wild and natural instincts, exposes her half-naked backside.

Rapper Miryo said, “The music draws out the resistance of people who crave freedom. There are a lot of things limiting the freedom of musical expression. Like the title of the album, we keep the interpretation of the music open to people, so that they can feel with their ‘sixth sense’ that surpasses their five senses.”

This kind of confidence includes a pioneering spirit as one of the oldest girl groups in the industry. Although there is a slight tension with the amount of girl groups being poured out, but the thought “We need to polish the way for girl groups that will come after us.”

Jea said, “We are trying to hold pride in terms of our music. I think now is the time to show something beyond just singing along to a song and dancing. That is the kind of competitive edge only Brown Eyd Girls, in their thirties, has.”

Narsha added, “‘Abracadabra’ was an honor to perform, because it was even recognized in the underground music sscene. We also knew that we would need to have something that would outshine “Abracadabra” in the future. The production got lengthy in the process of finding something we were satisfied with. We will continue plowing forward, with the mind set that we are finding a new path, and will strive restlessly.”