Jung Il Woo Snaps a Selca Feeling Dispirited about Canceled Classes

2011-09-26 06:46:56 2011-09-25 23:46:57

Jung Il Woo has revealed a chic selca alongside his despondent feelings about going to school to attend a lecture just to find that classes had been canceled.

Through his Twitter on Sept. 26, he posted a photo alongside the caption, “I got my mind together and came to attend school and try hard but they’ve canceled classes today. I really didn’t know?”

In the photo, Jung Il Woo is shown looking down at the camera with large sunglasses covering his eyes, with a denim shirt covering his upper body. He especially attracts eyes with his masculine hairstyle and stern-looking expression, with lips pursed and looking cold.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens have shown various reactions such as, “I’m really jealous of the students who attend the same school as him,” and “If you tell me your phone number, I’ll tell you when classes are canceled.” 

Jung Il Woo is currently attending Hanyang University, majoring in theater, and will star in tvN’s “Pretty Boy Ramen Shop” that will air starting next month.