Lee Min Ho Arrives in Beijing

2011-09-26 15:23:05 2014-05-06 05:20:49

Actor, Lee Min Ho received special immigration measure at Beijing International Airport.

Lee Min Ho arrived at Beijing on September 25 and heard the news that there were approximately 1,000 fans waiting to greet him. Lee Min Ho asked the authorities for a change in plan to let him exit through the general entry instead of exiting through the VIP passage. He wanted to greet and thank the fans for coming to the airport to welcome him.

Lee Min Ho waited at the airport for several hours waiting for the approval of the request he asked. However, authorities from the airport said that exiting through the general entry would be impossible and that it would be dangerous for both Lee Min Ho and his fans as they would crowd and rush towards one place. Lee Min Ho accepted the words of the authorities for the safety of everyone.

Despite his exit through the VIP passage, his fans still showed great affection towards him by shouting out his name and welcoming him.

After the exit, through his SNS, he uploaded a status thanking the fans and caring for their safety. He wrote, “Hello everyone! I arrived at China. Thank you so much for welcoming me, I am in a great mood! I am worried if anyone was hurt.”

Also, Lee Min Ho will be participating in the launching party for Hyundai Veloster and other press conferences on September 26.