"Love Rain" Wraps Up First Filming

2011-09-26 16:12:17 2011-09-26 09:12:18

The much-anticipated drama “Love Rain” has finally had its first shooting.

On September 24, the PD Yoon Suk Ho, Jang Geun Suk, YoonA, Kim Si Hoo, other actors, and staff members held a ceremony in Daegu before the first shooting of the drama. Even Daegu officials attended the ceremony to wish the drama good luck.

The actors and actresses were all dressed up for the drama in 70s fashion. They made the era-concept of the drama come to life. Jang Geun Suk, YoonA, Hwang Bo Ra and Seo In Kook were all wearing colorful outfits and had their hair in 70s fashion. The PD also managed to make the concept extra real, by transforming the school campus.

Since its announcement, the drama managed to gather much attention from fans and netizens. The amount of key search terms “Jang Geun Suk”, “YoonA” and “Love Rain” has doubled up on several search engine sites. Many fans and viewers also showed their support by coming to the shooting spot to cheer for the whole “Love Rain” crew and of course to catch a little glimpse of the filming process and the wonderful actors and actresses.

At the ceremony, PD Yoon Suk Ho made the following announcement, “Starting something new is always very exciting. It is a dream and to make that dream come true, we will all have to put in our best efforts” giving the crew more spirit and energy.

Jang Geun Suk seems to have picked up on this energy and said, “The whole set is so beautiful, the theme really comes alive during the shooting and the filming itself proceeds very smoothly. The atmosphere is also amazing, thanks to our PD Yoon Suk Ho. The whole crew gets along great and I really feel that we will produce a great project.”

SNSD’s YoonA also shared the same feelings as Jang Geun Suk and commented, “Thanks to our PD Yoon Suk Ho, I was able to wrap up the first shooting without problems. He guided me with every small detail and managed to optimize my performances. I really feel great.”

The drama is scheduled to air in 2012.