Script Reading Photos of Soo Ae for SBS "A Thousand Days’ Promise" Released

2011-09-26 07:09:24 2011-09-26 00:09:24

Photos of Soo Ae reading the script of a new SBS melodrama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” was released on Sept. 26. Soo Ae will play the role of “Seo Yeon,” a girl suffering from amnesia, in the drama written by Kim Soo Hyun and produced by Jung Eul Young.

In the photos, she tries to use every minute of her break time to thoroughly read the script, studying the character to fully express Kim Soo Hyun’s script, who is known as “the magician of language.” 

The production team said, “We are trying our best to portray Seo Yeon’s heart-breaking love. It is surprising to see how Soo Ae immerses herself into Seo Yeon’s character. She is a professional actress.”

“Soo Ae’s acting will touch the viewers’ hearts, causing their eyes to swell up in tears. As the broadcasting day nears, there is little tension and the great work flow continues. We will do our best to sustain the positive atmosphere to provide viewers with the best possible show.” 

The melodrama will broadcast on October 17. The drama will be aired every Monday and Tuesday, following the end of SBS “Protect the Boss.”