2AM’s Changmin Finishes His Reserve Force Training

2011-09-27 01:52:38 2011-09-26 18:52:39

2AM’s Changmin has finished his periodic reserve force training without fail.

On his Twitter on September 26, Changmin posted a photo along with the words, “Ah~ Finished!!! Why was today of all days so sunny and hot~ However!!!^^* It was worthwhile~ Duties of national defense cleared this year as well +_+~”

In the photo of his training, Changmin proves himself as having finished training well as well as exposing a new side of him by being smartly dressed in a military suit.

Upon seeing this photo of his military training, netizens have shown various reactions such as, “Somehow you look like a different person”, “To be training in such hot weather in that kind of suit, you must have a hard time”, and “Only celebrity to fulfill his military duties among idols”.

Changmin had previously finished his mandatory military service before his debut in 2008.