Actress Park Si Yeon to Get Married in November

2011-09-27 01:02:09 2011-09-26 18:02:09

Actress Park Si Yeon’s agency has announced that the talented and beautiful actress will be getting married on November 19 at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel to stock trader Mr Park. They were introduced to each other at a meeting in the beginning of this year and had officially announced their relationship in March.

Her husband-to-be is known to be a handsome and talented individual that works as a stock trader.

Park Si Yeon, through her agency, states that “I feel sorry about announcing my marriage through a press release, I will work hard to try have a happy family and be a good example to others, I hope you send us lots of congratulations”

An official from her agency also states that “We are glad to be delivering good news to everyone, Park Si Yeon will continue to do her utmost so that she can continue to appear in front of everyone in fine performances, please send warm words of congratulations for Park Si Yeon’s new start in life and we hope you continue to encourage and support her a lot”