Dalshabet’s Activities Cancelled Due to Visa Problems

2011-09-27 03:36:37 2011-09-26 20:36:38

Due to visa problems, girlgroup Dalshabet had to stay in China for an additional week, creating schedule problems. On September 18, Dalshabet left Korea to go to China to attend the two day Hong Myun International Fashion Festival.

The issue arose after their activities were completed. After they went out to relax with the Chinese staff, the members discovered that they had all lost their visas after going to a nightclub.

The next day, Dalshabet requested new visas from the Korean Embassy. However, because it typically takes a week for the requests to be processed, Dalshabet had to wait in China, pushing all their activities behind.

A representative from Dalshabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, said, “We had put all our visas in the same place. So when they lost them, they lost everything. Because it took a week for everything to get settled again, Dalshabet had their ‘feet tied down’ in China for that time.”

Due to this delay, Dalshabet was unable to appear on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on September 25. Starting September 27, Dalshabet will proceed with its regular schedules.

The agency expressed that it will be more careful in the future so that these mishaps will not happen again.