Heechul Shares His Thoughts About Military Life

2011-09-27 17:29:38 2011-09-27 10:29:39

With just a week away from ending his four weeks military training, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul shared his feelings and thoughts about his military training in a recent interview.

He commented that at first, he felt awkward just looking at his face in the mirror and seeing himself as a soldier. He also said that he was afraid of people thinking that he might be acting or faking his leg injury and not doing things right, so he pushed himself to work and train even harder despite his pain. He reassured them that he was doing fine, even to his superiors who told him to not push things too much.

When asked about why he kept a picture of Wonder Girl‘s Sohee in his cabinet, he explained that he had once mentioned that he was a fan of hers, so his fans have been sending him stacks of pictures of her to encourage him. Along with letters sent by fans and as well as his labelmates SNSD and f(x), he keeps his fanmail as a gesture of appreciation. 

His favorite part of military training is shooting a rifle. He stated that he received compliments from his superiors and thinks he shoots really well. So far, it seems that this training period has also helped him to develop a peace of mind and whenever he looks at the sky he thinks about things – life in Seoul, his friends, his parents, his fellow Super Junior members – and it makes him feel thankful for what he has.

Check out the rest of the interview below! (Click on the CC to show subtitles)


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