Kan Mi Yeon Releases Teaser for New Single "I Won’t Meet You"

2011-09-27 21:24:39 2011-09-27 14:24:40

Former Baby VOX member Kan Mi Yeon confessed she gained 5 kg and she is going to gain some more before unveiling the teaser for her new single “I Won’t Meet You.”

Kan Mi Yeon’s co-workers said that the singer gained around 5 kg during the promotions for her last single “Paparazzi” and also reported “She is eating regularly and healthy at home and she seems to have put on some weight. Everybody else who saw her said so too, not only Mi Yeon herself, but she really likes it.” 

The singer’s company also declared “She hates people saying she is skinny. And she really hates everybody focusing on how skinny she is rather than her performance or song. So she decided to put on some weight. In some ways, she is getting weight on purpose. After she increased her weight both her body and face look prettier.” 

During the promotion of her single “Paparazzi” the lines in the song “I’m gonna watch gonna watch” caused some controversy between the netizens since the lines sounded like “just eat and lay down, lay down” in Korean. Netizens commented “She should lay down right after eating so she can gain weight.”

Kan Mi Yeon will release her new mini album on September 29, with the single “I Won’t Meet You.” After 15 years from her debut, she came back with a completely new style. Kan Mi Yeon’s concept for this new single is short blond hair and glowing lipstick. The MV is about a mental hospital where she plays both a sexy doctor, as well as a cute patient.