SNSD Hyoyeon and Sunny’s Teaser Pictures Released

2011-09-27 00:13:41 2011-09-26 17:13:41

Having gone into a countdown for their comeback, girl group SNSD has released teaser photos of members Hyoyeon and Sunny!

On the 27th, SNSD’s management company SM Entertainment has posted the teaser images of the two after releasing leader Taeyeon’s teaser cut yesterday, increasing the hype for their 3rd official album.

In the photo, Hyoyeon has traded her tough dancing queen image for a “flower girl” aura. The photo blends mysteriousness with a captivating kind of beauty. On the other hand, Sunny transforms from an aegyo girl into a dark persona whom incorporates both boyish charms and childishness with splendor, capturing the attention of netizens at once.

Since the news of SNSD’s comeback has been made known, online Korean communities have been driven into frenzy by netizens and fans alike speculating the concept and contents of SNSD’s upcoming album.

SNSD’s upcoming title track ‘The Boys’ will be released in both Korean and English versions, and will be released on October 4 through iTunes and various music sites throughout the world.