Kan Mi Yeon Releases Comeback MV "I Won’t Meet You"

2011-09-28 17:04:46 2011-09-28 10:04:46

After stunning fans with two impressive singles, “Going Crazy,” and “Paparazzi,” soloist Kan Mi Yeon is back with her second mini-album, “I Won’t Meet You.”

The eclectic music video was released today and features some impressive scenes. On top of the powerful beat and trendy melody is an upbeat dance song with electro house sounds that will have anyone up and moving to the beat. 

Produced by Bang Shi Hyuk, the song is about a woman that keeps going back to a bad guy that she knows she shouldn’t be dating. 

There are some retro elements thrown in there that make it uniquely Kan Mi Yeon in style. I’m sure that her pop style dance number will stand out amongst the idol crowd. Check out the music video below!