Remembering Choi Jin Shil: A Letter to Her Mother Revealed

2011-09-28 08:45:16 2011-09-28 01:45:16

On September 27, the cable channel MBC Life broadcast “After History” which held a special for Choi Jin Shil, because it has been three years since her passing away. On this episode, the show revealed a letter that Choi Jin Shil had written to her mother Jung Soon Ok, before Choi Jin Shil’s death.

On the show, Jung Soon Ok stated, “For a time everyone was talking about ‘Choi Jin Shil’ but now I am sad because I think she is fading from everybody’s memory. What can I do to make people remember her?”

The revealed letter read, “The saying that I am always the daughter that you love, makes me hurt. I love you mom. I am going to be a mother just like you.”

On the episode Jung Soon Ok remembered her two children (Both Choi Jin Shil and Choi Jin Young) and shed tears. Jung Soon Ok also spoke about Choi Jin Shil’s earlier life that was hard on her, and also her divorce.

The actress Park Won Sook who had appeared on the dramas, “Star in My Heart” and “You and I” with Choi Jin Shil also gave a comment on the show, “Two months before she passed away, Choi Jin Shil called me. I should have listened to her more keenly…”

The PD of Choi Jin Shil’s final drama, MBC’s “The Last Scandal of My LifeLee Tae Gon stated, “Choi Jin Shil is the kind of actress that would be the first to come to the set, memorizing her lines. She was so focused in her roles that it was almost hard to approach her on set.”

Choi Jin Shil passed away after ending her own life on October 2, 2008. Her brother Choi Jin Young also passed away the same way on March 29, 2010.