Wheesung to Release New Album in October

2011-09-28 07:13:35 2011-09-28 00:13:35

On Sept. 27, Wheesung wrote a message on his fan cafe indicating his new album will be released in October.

Wheesung said, “Now as the new album’s release is approaching, I’m busy filming the music video for the single. I’m putting in all of my heart into this MV and I hope the video will be able to capture it. It took some time for the album to come to completion, but it was all because we wanted to come up with a better album. I hope you guys will understand for the delay.”

He continued, “The album will be available in October, so please wait just a bit more. Due to all the fan support, I’m planning to hold an encore performance of the ‘Two Men Show’ with Kim Tae Woo. If you have time, please come to see us. It’s going to be better than you think!”

Since the release of “Story of a Cold Heart” earlier this year, Wheesung has been busy with the “Two Men Show” with Kim Tae Woo and the production of Ailee’s new album. Soompi will keep you posted as we find more about Wheesung’s new album.