Boom and Super Junior’s Lee Teuk Replace Kang Ho Dong for KBS “Star King”

2011-09-29 09:12:36 2014-05-07 18:01:50

Boom and Super Junior’s Lee Teuk will replace Kang Ho Dong for KBS’s “Star King.” As has reported earlier Kang Ho Dong’s current resignation meant that a new MC needed to be found for KBS’s “Star King.” “Star King’s” production team decided to use Boom and Lee Teuk as they have worked together in the past.

The production team of “Star King” stated, “We were considering several solutions in order to fill in the empty spot of Kang Ho Dong, but we have decided to use Lee Teuk and Boom. Lee Teuk has worked on ‘Star King’ for a long time. Also, Boom is currently receiving a lot of positive attention for his return from the military service.

The production team also stated, “The ‘Star King’ production team will continue to try and improve in order to better the program.”