G.NA Reveals That She Doesn’t Weigh 47kg

2011-09-29 19:15:36 2011-09-29 12:15:36

G.NA‘s always been known for her smokin’ hot body as well as her killer vocals, but the singer recently took the time to reveal that she actually didn’t weigh as little as her profile stated. 

While appearing on the October 1 broadcast of MBC‘s “Weekly Idol,” G.NA participated in the “rewrite your profile” section of the program and talked about her profile measurements of 168 cm and 47 kg. She honestly revealed, “That isn’t actually my real weight. I’m not short and I have a lot of muscle mass so it’s impossible to weigh that little.”

She continued, “I didn’t purposely write it like that, though. Whenever I see my profile with the wrong measurements, it really makes me feel bad. Instead of focusing on my weight, I try to just focus on keeping my body healthy.” 

So then what’s her actual weight? 50 kg! Still as thin as ever, G.NA!