Jay Park Comments on Filming for "Mr. Idol"

2011-09-29 11:25:54 2011-09-29 04:25:55

Recently singer Jay Park had participated in the filming for the upcoming movie, “Mr. Idol”. Jay reveals that the most challenging part for him was to hold in his “laughter.”

Yesterday, Jay Park made an appearance in Seoul for the production’s press conference where he mentioned, “I passed the audition in one try.”

He went on to say, “I had shot a film last year, but I had a great experience while filming this one. Although I don’t appear much in the film, I feel that the director did a great job. While working on this film I learned how to read lines lively and perform them. The most challenging thing for me was holding back a laugh when recording the scenes that were comical. The funniest actor was Lim Won Hee.”

Jay Park also explained his character, “My character is very peachy and does not talk much, but he expresses himself charismatically with facial expressions and by dancing.” He also stated, “I want to become an actor now.”

“Mr. Idol” features Park Ye Jin, Ji Hyun Woo, Lim Won Hee, Kim Su Ro, Jang Seo Won, and 1Kyne. Along with Jay Park, group U-Kiss, singer Nam Gyu Ri, Brave Girls, and ChoColat all have performances in the film. The movie is scheduled to be released in October.