Kim Rae Won Denies Rumors of Physical Altercation with Female Worker

2011-09-29 08:23:22 2011-09-29 01:23:23

Rumors began to surface that the actor Kim Rae Won was drinking at a bar where females provide companion services (Room Salon), and got into a physical altercation during the early hours of September 29. According to the rumors, the female worker was physically injured.

A representative of Kim Rae Won’s agency stated, “Because he is appearing in a new drama, on September 28 he had a company outing with agency representatives. One of the representatives got into a verbal argument with a female worker and Kim Rae Won tried to stop the fight in the middle, everyone was only shouting.”

The representative continued, “It wasn’t a physical altercation. There was no physical altercation. Everything was settled with the Room Salon. It is unfortunate that such rumors have surfaced.”

Currently Kim Rae Won will return to acting with SBS’s “1,000 Days Promise.” It has been nearly 3 years and 6 months since he has acted. 

Previously Kim Rae Won has appeared in dramas such as, “Love Story in Harvard” and “Gourmet.” He also appeared in famous Korean films such as “Insadong Scandal” and “My Little Bride.”