Super Star K3’s “Two Months”: #1 on Popularity Charts

2011-09-29 13:47:54 2011-09-29 06:47:55

According to the official homepage for Super Star K3, Two Months (Comprised of Kim Ye Rim and Do Dae Yoon) is ahead as #1 with 9,869 votes. The second place is Oollala Session with 3,358.

The two are from New York and chose the name “Two Months” because they only knew each other for two months. Super Star K3 this year allowed teams to participate. Kim Ye Rim is the main vocal while Do Dae Yoon plays the guitar and backs her up by providing harmony.

The two are from the same school and Kim Ye Rim had asked Do Dae Yoon to join up together after finding out that he was musically talented.

Besides viewers of the show, the judge Lee Seung Chul has given great praise for the duo. The first live “Top 10” broadcast will be on September 30 at 11pm.

Check out the clips of “Two Months” below!