U-KISS’s Dongho and Hoon Cast for Upcoming Movie "Holiday"

2011-09-29 09:49:18 2011-09-29 02:49:18

Although they’re busy with promotions for “Neverland,” the members of U-KISS never seem to rest, as it was just announced that they’ll be adding on new acting roles for members Hoon and Dongho!

The two members were recently cast as the leading roles for a TV movie titled “Holiday.” The movie will be produced by cable movie channel OCN and directed by famous director Park Ki Hyung of “Whispering Corridors.” The four part movie will follow the lives of high school students involved in a gang of delinquents. 

Dongho especially is being followed closely by drama and movie officials due to his successful roles in “Royal Family,” “My Black Mini-Dress,” and “Don’t Cry Mommy.” This will be his first attempt at a leading role so expectations and anticipations are definitely high. Considering his experience, I’m sure that he’ll be just fine. 

Crank-in begins in November, after U-KISS wraps up their “Neverland” promotions.