Yuri, YoonA and Seohyun’s Teaser Photos Released

2011-09-29 00:08:38 2011-09-28 17:08:38

The last set of teaser pictures has been released by SM Entertainment. The teaser video is expected to come out within the next few days.




SNSD will be making their comeback on October 4 with a track produced by Teddy Riley. The title track for their third official album, “The Boys“. Their first comeback stage is set for October 7 on KBS Music Bank.

According to SM, the digital version of “The Boys” will be dropped spontaneously through various music sites in Asia and Korea, as well as being introduced to America and Europe through iTunes.

This album has been formatted with the “worldwide” concept, fitting of SNSD’s title as they have been spreading their reaches beyond Asia and around the world. As there will be both an English and Korean version of “The Boys” music video and mp3 file available, an explosive reaction is anticipated from fans throughout the world.

Here are the teaser pictures for the rest of the members that were released earlier this week. Which one if your favorite look?

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