me2day: f(x) Poses for a Photo in Beijing

2011-09-30 05:51:48 2011-09-29 22:51:48

After their performance in China, girl group f(x) decided to capture the moment by taking a group photo.

Leader Victoria uploaded the recent photo to her me2day account on September 29. Along with the picture she wrote, “We had a performance at the Beijing Olympic Stadium. Unfortunately Krystal wasn’t there. I will secretly play at my house.”

The members of f(x): Amber, Sulli, Victoria, and Luna are seen having fun in the picture smiling while putting their arms up in the air.

The public reacted commenting, “You all are beautiful,” “Everyone looks great,” “Where’s Krystal?  Does she have another event?” “You must be excited to be in China.”

f(x) participated in the September 25 Korea, China, and Japan joint concert that was held in Beijing.

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