f(x)’s Victoria Reveals her Alcohol Tolerance Level

2011-09-30 02:13:57 2011-09-29 19:13:57

On September 29’s episode of KBS 2TV “Happy Together S3,” f(x)’s leader Victoria revealed her alcohol tolerance level. The emcees flooded her with various questions like “You look like you could hold your drink, but how are you really?” “How’s your tolerance?” and “How many bottles of Kaoliang [strong Chinese liquor] can you drink?”

Victoria smiled as she answered, “I enjoy drinking wine.” Park Myung Soo playfully retorted, “The hell with wine. How many bottles of Kaoliang can you take before chasing it down with Jjamppong?” Then she revealed, “I’m the only one who’s of legal age in my team. So whenever we go to company dinners, I’m the only one who can drink.”

She doesn’t exactly know what her tolerance level is, stating that it’s normally very hard for her to get drunk. Victoria added, “But I don’t like beer.”