Kim Jaejoong’s Cooking on "Protect the Boss" Attracts Attention

2011-09-30 22:38:46 2011-09-30 15:38:47

Actor Kim Jaejoong has been receiving attention lately because of this cooking segment in an episode of “Protect the Boss” that aired on September 29.

In the episode, Cha Moo Won (played by Kim Jaejoong) personally prepares a meal for Seo Na Yoon (played by Wang Ji Hye). He reveals his hidden talent in Na Yoon’s unkempt kitchen after being welcomes into her home. After Moo Won prepares a mouthwatering pasta dish, Na Yoon falls deeper for him, laughing while saying “There’s no way out of you. I just keep falling deeper and deeper.”

Kim Jaejoong’s cooking has already been well-known among DBSK members. When the group was active, he frequently cooked for them, playing the part of “Mommy”.

When he was cast in the Japanese drama “Hard to Say I Love You”, he appeared on a Japanese show program and prepared “Katsudon” for the staff. (Katsudon is deep fried pork cutlet topped on rice, similar to Donkatsu. Yummy!) Through an interview, he admitted that he wants to earn an official certification for cooking.

On seeing the cooking segment from “Protect the Boss”, netizens commented, “That’s definitely not acting. It’s the real him”, “Whoever is Kim Jaejoong’s future wife is a lucky woman”, “Look at those expert fingers. Guys who can cook are so cool”, and “This isn’t Cha Moo Won’s cooking, it’s Kim Jaejoong’s”.

On another note,  “Protect the Boss”‘s time slot will be replaced by “Deep Rooted Tree”.