Lee Hyori and Kim Gyuri Are “Ladies of Paris”

2011-09-30 23:09:26 2011-09-30 16:09:26

A photo of singer Lee Hyori and actress Kim Gyuri was uploaded recently by Korean designer Yoni P on her twitter showing the two stars strutting the streets of Paris in beautiful dresses.

The photo was captioned with the “Ladies of Paris starring by Lee Hyori and Kim Gyuri” along with the observation that “Men sitting in outside of pubs were stealing glances at them.”

Netizens responded with the compliments, “It’s like a photoshoot,” “Those two are goddesses,” “Those two can seduce all the Parisian men.”

It seems that Lee Hyori is traveling in Europe with Korean fashion designers Steve J and Yoni P. Another photo of Lee Hyori was uploaded on their twitter several days ago with the caption, “This London vacation is being made into a walking photoshoot by Lee Hyori.”

Lee Hyori and Kim Gyuri look like they are having a wonderful time in Europe. Hopefully we’ll see the sexy diva Lee Hyori with a  comeback album soon!