"Music Olympic The One Concert 2011" Has Been Cancelled

2011-09-30 03:23:53 2011-09-29 20:23:54

The long anticipated “Music Olympic The One 2011 Concert” has been cancelled. Korea’s most popular idol groups like Super Junior and BEAST were to perform on this grand scale concert, which was planned to be held on September 30 at the Seoul Jamshil Olympic Stadium. However, organizers have decided to cancel the concert due to internal affairs.

The head of the concert’s marketing department stated the following in Starnews (Korean news organization), “We are very sorry to disappoint the fans who have waited with much anticipation for this concert. However, there were several difficulties concerning financial issues and other internal affairs and there was no other option left but to cancel it.”

The initial plan was for organizers and sponsors of each company to sell official concert T-shirts to the public for relatively low prices. The profits were to be used for the sponsoring of the concert. However, the sales were not as high as expected and there were some other difficulties with other financial sources.

The concert was a project in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The message of this project was to combine music and environment as one whole (hence “The One”). Not only Super Junior and BEAST, but also other top artists like F.T. Island, Sung Shi Kyung and several Japanese artists were planned to perform at this festival.