[Spoiler] Goo Hye Sun in a Sexy Mini Dress for "The Musical"

2011-09-30 00:23:10 2011-09-29 17:23:11

Goo Hye Sun showed off her charm by taking off her hooded sweater and wearing a short, black mini dress.

On the episode of SBS “The Musical,” which will air on September 30, Goo Hye Sun, who plays the role of Ko Eun Bi, went through a surprising transformation. 

In the drama, Ko Eun Bi was cast for a big-scale musical called “Nine-Tailed Fox of Cheong Dam Dong” with Bae Kang Hee (played by Ock Ju Hyun). But she shocked the viewers by rejecting the offer and asking for an audition get the part.

Many competitive actresses and actors participated in this audition along with Ko Eun Bi. However, Eun Bi showed amazing skills and was able to digest her part very well, which greatly impressed the judges. She eventually got the part next to Bae Kang Hee as one of the lead female roles. 

As the production of “Nine-Tailed Fox Of Cheong Dam Dong” officially started, Bae Kang Hee, who knows that Hong Jae Yi (played by Choi Daniel) has feelings for Ko Eun Bi, volunteers to mentor Eun Bi. It was even Bae Kang Hee’s idea to give this sexy makeover to Ko Eun Bi.

In the episode, all of the staff cheered Eun Bi’s transformation. Goo Hye Sun’s character was a complete tomboy but with her short minidress and makeup, she showed off her beauty with her sexy s-line. 

As she officially starts to train for “Nine-Tailed Fox Of Cheong Dam Dong,” the love triangle plot of Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel and Ock Ju Hyun will only thicken.