[Spoiler] Protect the Boss Ends with…

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[Warning: Spoiler!]

SBS mini-series drama, Protect the Boss” came to an end on September 29 with a happy ending.

In the final episode, the two main characters, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and No Eun Sul (Choi Kang Hee) overcame scandal issues, the parents’ objections and dedicated their actions towards their marriage.

Cha Bong Man (Park Young Gyu) has accepted the couple into his household. However, he said that Ji Hun will not be the president in line anymore. Ji Jun admitted that he has affected the business and also announced that he will leave. 

Eun Sul followed Cha Bong Man while he was doing community service, asking for forgiveness and to also accept their love. He finally accepted their love, but officially announced that he will not become the next president of the business.

The first highlight of the final episode was the proposal that Eun Sul received in which Ji Seung gave her a sweet serenade proposal. Following on, was the scenes of their beautiful wedding.

The second highlight of the episode was when Cha Moo Won (Jae Joong) sang a lullaby for Seo Na Youn (Wang Ji Hye). They also discovered their love for each other in the last episode of the drama.

Protect the Boss commenced airing on August 8 and finished airing on September 29 with 18 episodes.