Teaser Poster Released for “A Thousand Days’ Promise”

2011-09-30 09:12:08 2011-09-30 02:12:08

A teaser poster has been released for the upcoming SBS drama, “A Thousand Days’ Promise,” which will broadcast starting from October 17. In the teaser, which gives off the vibe of a classic melodrama, a woman named Suh Yeon (Soo Ae) can be seen trying to touch her love’s fading memory just one more time.



In particular, the teaser gained a lot of attention due to its fantasy like atmosphere as the audience sees Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won) fading away with the flower petals from inside Suh Yeon’s head as she loses her memory to Alzheimer’s disease.

After seeing the ardent and sad love story expressed through the teaser poster alone, expectations have been raised, as viewers await the next poster to see how it will convey the plot of the drama. 

Representatives of the production staff revealed, “Just like it is visible on the teaser poster, the drama will contain a love story more ardent and sorrowful than any other drama has had. We’re expecting that the next poster to be revealed in the coming of days will be made to exceed the results that the teaser poster has brought. Please continue to keep an interest in this upcoming drama.”