Did Isak Meet with The “We Got Married” Production Team?

2011-10-01 23:15:07 2011-10-01 16:15:07

While the K-Pop world deliberated over the possibly of a Super Junior member joining the pretend matrimony show “We Got Married” last week, Arirang DJ Isak was going to turn her possibility into reality. On September 27, during her daily “Midday Break” radio show, the celebrity rushed to her favorite social networking site, Twitter,  to let off a little steam, while teasing us with the hopes that she will be one of MBC’s new bride.

Isak: “I have a ‘line’ of managers & apparently I have a new one thats an idiot I asked to set a meeting up with WGM and he’s fallen off the grid … Looks like my life is going to be a living hell for quit sometime…UGH i HATE working for IDIOTS! and trust me there are tons around me… SO! to end my tweet rant…I might have to go to MBC on my own….but how~hmmmmmmm~should we start a petition~?lol”

She has been tweeting fans to support her desire to join the popular couple show with her real life SoulStaR member boyfriend.

Isak shared that both of their entertainment agencies were fine with them joining the cast, it was up to the popular television network to make the call. Did everything work out? Fans are still awaiting the news any day now.

As for Isak’s current schedule, she is multitasking her DJing, voice work, hosting, and her college curriculum. There is even a special guest that has been scheduled to appear on her show “Midday Break” next Saturday. Who is it? Hint: They are the true stars in her soul.

If you were curious about her plans on October 1 (Korean Standard Time), here is her latest tweet: “off to see Goong the musical today~ I have to see it at least twice this season so here goes the first one~lol~.”