Jung Yeop and Kim Sun Ah’s Tango, "I’m Such a Cheeseball"

2011-10-01 18:36:42 2011-10-01 11:36:42

A photo of singer Jung Yeop and actress Kim Sun Ah dancing tango has been released.

On the 29th, he wrote on his Twitter uploaded with a photo, “A ‘Blue Night‘ radio DJ Jung Yeop dancing with Lee Yeon Jae. You are a jolly person. Thank you for making my day so enjoyable. I’m such a cheeseball.” 

In the photo, he put his hands on Kim Sun Ah’s waist and posing as if they were dancing tango. Kim Sun Ah being shy and nervous drew attention.  

Netizens responded, “Kim Sun Ah’s shy facial expression is so cute,” Kim Sun Ah is being lead by Jung Yeop,” “What would be like for them to dance real tango?” and etc.