Rain Ends His Last Concert with Tears

2011-10-01 18:37:25 2014-05-07 00:34:11

The worldwide famous singer Rain ended his last concert “Rain The Best Show” on September 25 with tears for his loyal fans.

After the show, he showed his respect to his loyal fans by first bowing towards them. After that, his dance crew lifted him up in the air a few times, while the crowd screamed “I love you Jung Ji Hoon” (his real name). Then he started his speech but after his first phrase, “From April 24, 2002…” (referring to the date of his debut), he could not get any more words out and could not help himself but to tear up.

He tried to continue his speech saying, “Aah, this… aah…” but he could not repress his tears and emotional feelings. After a few broken phrases, he picked up a pair of sunglasses on the floor and put those on to hide his tears, but even then he had a hard time expressing his feelings.

He continued, “Time has flown by, just like the wind… Being Rain…” and said, “The day of my audition popped into my mind at the opening of the concert and I got really emotional, I do not know why… However, ten years have passed already…” Suddenly, he jumped to the subject of his military duty and said, “Anyway, I will go and come back safely. It is no big deal, it is something that everybody does and the time there will fly by before I know it. I am actually a bit ashamed that I start so late.”

Lastly, he thanked his fans by saying, “I am really grateful to my fans who stood by me for the last ten years” and continued to thank his team and also his family by saying, “I want to thank my father and sibling whom I love very dearly.” Before ending his speech he tried to lighten up the mood by humorously saying, “I was perfectly fine at the beginning, but you guys made me like this” and “You guys all do know that my new film will be released in January, right?” Bringing fans and himself to delightful laughter. Eventually he thanked his fans once again by bowing and left the stage.

His speech has been recorded and uploaded by many fans. See one of his fancams below.