Wonder Girls Tweet From Their Nickelodeon Movie Set

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Are you ready for this? The Wonder Girls are in the house….or shall I say the set.The five JYP Entertainment harmonizing princesses are trading their singing crowns for acting ones. At the end of September, the Wonder Girls began filming their upcoming Nick Cannon produced Nickelodeon movie! How do I know this? The tweets guys… the tweets! The ladies not only tweeted about their daily routines, you can also get the inside information on the current cast they are working with. Artist Wes Aderhold and girl group The School Gyrls are just a couple of the talented acts the girls get to work with.

Read the Wonder Girls and fellow tweets from the cast and crew below to paint your own visual image of life on the set:  

Jane (JYP USA representative) : “It’s so amazing that the WG are shooting a movie..can’t believe it’s really happening…;) all that hard work everyone put into!!hehe yay!!”

“In front of our hair and make up trailer!! – (Woo Hye Lim) “

Wonder Girls: “On set! Getting ready! … @WesAderhold oh wow!!!!!!! Hello from the Wonder Girls!!!! See you soon!!!!!! Coming to the set today right?”

Wes Aderhold: “Excited to start filming tonight with the @WonderGirls @the_schoolgyls @laurencupcakee @nattypie16 @WGyenny!!”

WG: “yay! Let’s do this! “@WesAderhold: On set with the @WonderGirlsand @the_schoolgyrls about to rock out some scenes!”

Hye Lim: “[September 29] is the 3rd day of our movie shoot! Fun fun fun!!! ♥.♥ … It’s 4am and we just finished our schedule for [October 1]. Tmr, we r gonna rest. Yay!”

Are you excited for their American movie debut? In addition to their Nick Cannon production, scheduled for a 2012 release, the girls are gearing up to greet their Korean fans. They are suppose to make a comeback in K-Pop this fall, as well as, embark on a promotional tour for their album debut in the United States.