Jea Apologizes to Gain and Wants Her to Marry Jo Kwon

2011-10-02 18:02:08 2011-10-02 11:02:08

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ main vocal Jea has surprised fellow member Gain with a sudden statement.

In a recent interview conducted with MBC entertainment news program “Section TV”, Jea revealed that she would like 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Gain, the two having previously starred in “We Got Married” as a virtual couple, to actually get married.

On this day’s filming, Jea told the MCs, “I want Gain and Kwonnie to just get married. If it’s Kwon, I can trust him.”

In addition, when questioned, “What changed the most for BEG after their debut?” Jea answered while smiling shyly, “Money.”

She then startled the cast by bursting into tears after adding, “Before debut, even if we bought one serving of ddukbokki to eat, student Gain had to pay the same amount (as others). When I think of then, I feel the most apologetic to Gain.”

This acted as a trigger for the other members as they thought of their past hardships, causing them to cry as well.

This day’s episode also will hold the content of how Gain’s ‘dolphin notes’ came up, their relationship with the Wonder Girls, and BEG’s special mission to get friendship rings fitted.