Miss A Min Shares "Say A" Worthy Tweets From Overseas

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How did miss A end the month of September?

A. with Say A’s in Singapore

B. at a K-Pop Festival

C. recording a new album

D. all of the above

If you picked A…  Say A, you are a true miss A fan! The four singers jetted off to the beautiful country of Singapore for a fan meeting and press conference for their supporters overseas. Although, they didn’t need the members of the press’ help too much when it came to connecting with their Say A’s when Twitter is right at your finger tips. Miss A’s Min tweeted greetings in addition to a long goodbye to her international “followers” online. Also, Min shared “exclusive” images she took of her time in the country. Here is Min’s own report below:

“Done with the miss A showcase rehearsal! Had an awesome time at the fan meeting today!  We had an awesome time at the showcase tonight. Hope you guys enjoyed it too! You guys are the best. We want to thank all of you who came out to the showcase and the fanmeeting! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! We’ll be back soon!! -much love. Mwah. Goodnight! And! Who couldn’t make it to the showcase! We’ll see you next time we come back!

SG times with say A sg”

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Say A: “I like this photo ! Looks so charming !”

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Say A: “hope you have a great time on singapore…love you!”

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Say A: “i saw the hangeul letter on van Min ~”

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Say A: “So gorgeous Min :)”

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This summer, miss A wrapped up their successful “Goodbye Baby” single promotions on weekly music shows. When will they return to the K-Pop stage? Popular girl bands will be “musically” battling it out on the charts this fall … it would be great to see miss A make an appearance too.