Son Dam Bi Strikes a Pose in the Subway in Hong Kong

2011-10-02 14:49:37 2011-10-02 07:49:37

A beautiful selca picture of the singer and sexy diva Son Dam Bi has surfaced on the internet recently.

On October 1, Son Dam Bi twittered, “I will not forget this. From now on it is ‘Fighting’ all the way!” and uploaded a new selca picture of herself.

This picture has been taken in the subway in Hong Kong. Son Dam Bi is wearing a black fedora hat and a red T-shirt with holes, while striking a cute pose holding up a peace sign.

Netizens praised her infamous beauty by commenting, “You are pretty where ever you are” “Your T-shirt is a bit bold, but you make it work” and “Wow, I was surprised by the holes in your T-shirt.”

The singer was recently been castfor the upcoming MBC’s 50th anniversary drama series “Light and Shadow.”