Dana’s New Boyish Short Haircut

2011-10-03 20:48:18 2011-10-03 13:48:19

Dana’s new hairstyle has grabbed the attention of the netizens.

On October 3, Dana posted a picture of herself on her Twitter as she said, “Because I cut my hair, even my outfit feels different.”

In the picture, Dana is wearing her outfit for her stage performance and smiling at the camera. Dana’s shocking haircut further accents her clear skin and revealed a boyish charm.

Dana’s short hairstyle especially showed off her huge, anime-like eyes. Netizens cheered for Dana’s completely new charm and style.

Netizens who viewed Dana’s picture stated, “How can she look so good with that short haircut?” “Her eyes are so huge,” “Her short hair cut doesn’t make her look bad,” “Explosive boyish charm,” “Will this be a trend for the winter?” “She’s cuter after she cut her hair,” and so on.