Huh Gak, "I Plan to Take the GED After Finishing Album Promotions"

2011-10-03 14:51:25 2011-10-03 07:51:25

Admittedly it’s been hard for singers that hail from survival audition programs like “Superstar K” to win first place outside of cable channels like Mnet. But Huh Gak has broken down the wall. After a win on Mnet’s “M Countdown,” he also grabbed first place at KBS’ “Music Bank” this weekend with his title song from his first mini album, “Hello.”


In a recent interview with mydaily, Huh Gak laid out his hopes and desires. “Superstar K was destiny. But right now I want to be known more as a new singer than merely the ‘Superstar K’ winner. I know that the journey will be long and that I have learn more about music.”

Right now, Huh Gak is living day to day with passion for his music. “In my next album, I want to contribute lyrics. My final dream is to be a singer-song-writer. In order to do this, I need to learn music properly. I want to go to college and learn music. So I plan to take the GED (or the Korean equivalent) after finishing this album’s promotions.”

Recently, Huh Gak also started sponsoring a four year-old boy in the Philippines. He explained that he made this decision in order to return the love that his fans gave him. He bragged, “I have a son now. I saw his picture recently and you don’t know how cute he is. It feels wonderful to be helping someone. Everyone should also sponsor someone. They will all be happy just like me.”

It’s great to see Huh Gak find so much happiness in music and in helping those less fortunate. And with such great ambitions for the future, I’m sure we’ll see more wonderful music from Huh Gak in the future!