Hyun Bin’s Upcoming Visit to Indonesia May Spark Controversy

2011-10-03 17:30:47 2011-10-03 10:30:47

Actor Hyun Bin, who is currently enlisted in the marine corps, will be making an official visit to Indonesia.

The Ministry of National Defense has revealed that Hyun Bin will be visiting Indonesia for two nights and three days, from October 5 to October 7. Hyun Bin will be attending an event on the day of his arrival. Following that event, on October 6, he will visit the marine corp unit and have a meet and greet with the Indonesian marines. 

The reason for Hyun Bin’s visit to Indonesia is because of the explosive popularity of the drama, “Secret Garden,” which is currently airing in Indonesia. Indonesia requested for Hyun Bin’s visit and the Ministry of National Defense has accepted. 

However, Hyun Bin is not enlisted as a celebrity soldier or a public relations soldier but as an ordinary, combat soldier. Therefore, there is a possibility that there will be a slight criticism for his overseas visit. 

Last month, Hyun Bin participated in a marathon as well as an overseas visit. In this past summer, he also had a photo shoot to promote the marine corps and participated in many events. Because of this, people are pointing out, “I think they are using Hyun Bin, an ordinary, combat soldier, too much.” The possibility of a controversy cannot be erased. 

The Ministry of National Defense picked up on these possibilities and, after a long period of contemplation, have made the final decision for Hyun Bin to visit Indonesia at the beginning of October. His upcoming visit to Indonesia is directly related to the export of Korea’s military supplies. Indonesia has decided to import Korea’s T-50 trainer aircraft and submarines. 

Hyun Bin, who has been enlisted in the marines last March, is located in the 6th Brigade of Baeknyeong Island as a combat soldier. 

He participated in the “Seoul Reclamation Anniversary Marine Marathon Competition” on September 25. He will also be emceeing for the 22nd Marine Corps Band Concert on September 30.