Kim Ha Neul Reveals Photos of Her Freckled Face

2011-10-03 06:22:29 2011-10-02 23:22:30

On Oct 1, Kim Ha Neul uploaded photographs of her “freckle-sprinkled” face on her Facebook. She also captioned the photographs, “I’m having a photoshoot at Yeongjong-do. There are sesame seeds sprinkled on my face haha.”

The “freckles” are part of her make up, which do not mar but seem to enhance the beauty of Kim Ha Neul, also known as the “Box Office Goddess of Chungmuro.” The photoshoot on the island of Yeongjong-do presented a quirky side of the actress that has never been seen before.

Netizens marvelled at her photographs, replying her post with “I thought they were real freckles,” “You look beautiful even with freckles,” “Even the freckles are beautiful.”

Kim Ha Neul has an upcoming movie “You’re My Pet,” co-starring Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk.