Ricky Kim Tweets about His African "Jungle" Trip

2011-10-03 22:12:03 2011-10-03 15:12:04

Where O where has our Ricky gone? Where O where could he be?

In Africa! The “Midas” actor jetted off to the beautiful and intriguing continent of Africa in the middle of September. According to his tweets, Ricky Kim traveled there to be apart of a SBS program tentatively titled “Jungle”. If you thought Africa was mainly filled with deserts, not jungles ….apparently SBS is going to prove you wrong! Four shots (two in each arm) and many tweets later, he bid farewell to fans and seemingly disappeared.  On October 3, the overseas celebrity updated fans on his current location and status of his job well done via Twitter.

“Walking in Africa.. been in Namibia for two weeks in the wild^^ almost done~~ back to korea soon,” stated Ricky.

His fans were interested, as well as, inquisitive about their star who had been missing in action from the Twittersphere for a couple of weeks. They tweeted messages like the following: “haven’t heard from youu in ages! Are you one with nature already? ^^ *lion roars*” ,  “we miss u Ricky .. How was Africa ?? Do you like it there !?” and  “Oh so cool!!! .. I´m very jealous… enjoy! Greetings”.

Before the Korean American star headed overseas, Ricky was busy working as an actor on many productions (“Midas to name one), an endorsement deal with Reebok, and just being daddy….did I forget to mention husband? Among his hubby/daddy duties he met with the President of South Korea last month.

“Going to meet the President of South Korea today with my horse riding club^^ maybe I will get a pic~ Good Morning Korea,” tweeted Ricky. (Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to share a photo with his followers.)

Currently, Ricky is working, globetrotting and meeting with prominent political figures. Where will the rest of this year take him next?