SNSD’s "The Boys" Teaser Exceeds 1,600,000 Views in 3 Days on YouTube

2011-10-03 04:08:18 2011-10-02 21:08:19

The teaser for SNSD’s new song, ‘The Boys’, has exceeded 1,600,000 views on YouTube in just 3 days. 

SNSD’s music video teaser for ‘The Boys’, was released worldwide on YouTube on October 1. As of 9pm PST on the 3rd, the total view count was just a little over 1,600,000 views. Even within two days, we were able to notice the popularity of SNSD around the world. 

During the 30 second teaser, Yoona appears wearing a white dress, walking across an open area covered with snow. She then picks up an unknown jewel from the ground, where Seohyun appears within the jewel and the rest of the members follow. This short music video teaser has caused curiosity amongst fans about SNSD’s new concept, also increasing the anticipation of SNSD’s comeback even more.

Meanwhile, the original date for ‘The Boys’ worldwide release was October 4, but due to SNSD’s other promotional activities, the release date has been delayed.