Yoon Mirae, "I never apologize when I fight with Tiger JK"

2011-10-03 07:10:33 2011-10-03 00:10:33

Singer Yoon Mirae revealed her fights with Tiger JK. Aired on October 1, Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK were both featured in KBS “Entertainment Relay” when being interviewed on set for their campaign against child trafficking.

On this day during the interview, Yoon Mirae said, “When we fight, one person definitely has to back down, but that person is never me and I never say I’m sorry.” In other words, Tiger JK is always the person to lend his hand first.

Tiger JK said, “Marriage is the result of effort in putting love as the foundation, because you have to live with that one person forever” and “Do you know how scary it is in living with them for forever?”

Meanwhile, the two have revealed that due to having to go on stage often, the time they have in spending with their son Jordan has decreased. They even shared an episode where Jordan told them, “Don’t sing and gain awards.”

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