Kim Hyun Joong Reveals "Lucky" Album Cover

2011-10-04 16:27:42 2011-10-04 09:27:42

Finally SS501‘s leader Kim Hyun Joong has unveiled the cover for his upcoming second mini album “Lucky” which will be released on October 11.

For this mini album, Kim Hyun Joong’s image and concept is based on a gambling and casual look. Clad in chic, cool and vintage clothes with sober colors, Kim Hyun Joong’s image is transformed into the typical “Las Vegas” gambler man. Also, this mini album, composed of five songs, includes different musical styles for each song, such as “Do You Like That” which is a rock and roll track, with a funky style and a great combination of all instruments.

Kim Hyun Joong put a lot of effort into the track “Lucky Guy,” since this song represents all the interest he always had and is something he wanted to perform musically. This song has rhythmic guitar riffs and is based on a punk rock American style. To accomplish the sound of this song, he got help from the members of Day Break y Common Ground. “I’m Your Man” is a traditional ballad song while “U” is a lovely and sweet love song which shows Kim Hyun Joong’s irresistible charm.