2PM and miss A Chosen as Honorary Ambassadors for Interactive Movie “Hello”

2011-10-05 07:39:46 2011-10-05 00:39:46

Idol groups 2PM and miss A will be working together as honorary ambassadors for the interactive movie “Hello”, which will be shown to potential tourists throughout the world.

The production briefing session for “Hello” was held at Lotte Cinema on the morning of October 4, with miss A and 2PM in attendance as honorary ambassadors.

Interactive movie “Hello’ features 2PM and miss A traveling with the viewer to various famous tourist attractions in Korea. The movie is filmed in a first person perspective, as to intensify the realistic feeling of having 2PM and miss A personally introduce the attractions to the viewer.

At the production briefing, miss A member Suzy stated, “Because of our regular schedules, we did not have time to have fun and hang out. However, because of this filming, we were able to go visit the famous places of Korea, we felt good like we were on a picnic, so we strengthened our resolve and filmed.”

2PM and miss A attended this day’s briefing session after being appointed and then spent time with famous foreign bloggers as well as Japanese and Singaporean fans.

The interactive movie “Hello” will be introduced for the world to see through Korean tourism website Buzz Korea sometime in October.