G-Dragon’s "Suspension of Indictment for Smoking Marijuana"

2011-10-05 02:51:03 2011-10-04 19:51:03

Currently Big Bang’s G-Dragon has caused shock waves because of the fact that he was seen smoking marijuana and had positive results for a hair drug test.

On October 5, According to the prosecutor Kim Hwe Jong of the Seoul “Serious Crime Squad” department (This department takes care of serious crimes such as drugs etc.), “Currently G-Dragon is under the suspension of indictment for the suspicion of smoking marijuana.”

(Basically, G-Dragon did smoke marijuana, but taking into consideration several factors the prosecutor’s office is not giving him a serious charge, he is not being indicted. This is a form of a “Warning”

According to the prosecutor’s office, around May, G-Dragon smoked marijuana in Japan. The prosecutor’s office gave G-Dragon a hair drug test and the results were positive. It is being said that G-Dragon confessed to having smoked marijuana at a club in Japan according to the report of the prosecutor’s office.

According to the report, G-Dragon, “Went to a Japanese club and received a cigarette from a Japanese stranger, he smoked one of them but the smell was different from cigarette smoke, however he still smoked a little bit of it.”

The prosecutor’s office stated that they put G-Dragon under “the suspension of indictment,” which recognizes the criminal suspicion/charges but takes into consideration other factors such as age, criminal motive, and remorse, etc. Thus, the prosecutor’s office is not officially indicting him.