Boyfriend’s Second Single Gets Leaked

2011-10-05 21:02:41 2011-10-05 14:02:41

The idol group Boyfriend is facing major difficulties on the day before their comeback.

Boyfriend planned to officially release their second single “Don’t Touch My Girl” on October 6. However, one day before the official release (October 5), their single was leaked on several media websites. The single is now being spread through multiple torrents and Youtube channels, leaving the idol group and its agency in despair.

Their management agency Starship Entertainment stated the following, “We had prepared so many things for Boyfriend’s comeback, we are very disappointed by this incident. We believe that the source of the leakage is affiliated with us and we are taking several measures to handle this quickly.”

However, loyal fans supported their idols by commenting, “You guys have not made your debut that long ago, and now this happens…” “I will deliberately not listen to the leaked versions of the song” and “I will be rooting for your comeback!”